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Charles' New Comedy Book


Charles' new comedy book, I'm Not Crazy, But I Might Be A Carrier, will be available in all Christian bookstores the first of May, 2008!

I’m Not Crazy, But I Might Be a Carrier is a collection of forty columns written in first person by Christian comedian and nationally syndicated columnist Charles Marshall. While other humor books gently tickle the funny bone, this one grabs hold and squeezes until you’re laughing so hard you’re gasping for breath. Marshall admits he may not be entirely sane, but it’s working for him. His point is that in spite of all the weirdness life throws at us, God is with us throughout all the chaos.

In keeping with the book’s theme, each laugh-out-loud essay is categorized under a psychological subheading (or variation thereof) and deftly translates into a powerful spiritual message that uplifts and encourages the reader. Sections include Delusional Obsessions, Social-Paths, He-Manic Depressive Behavior, Dentally Challenged, Excessive Food Swings, Criminally Inane, and Holiday Blues.

From page one, the reader is whisked on a wild ride as Marshall dabbles in history revision to explain the existence of Chihuahuas (a Mexican army weapons

experiment gone horribly awry) and the reason why the Scots never attained world dominance (they were too busy worrying their skirts would fly up in the heat of battle).
No other author is able to get away with offering hope to single men whose stock has plummeted in the dating market due to recession (hair loss) and inflation (weight gain) by encouraging them to explore the untapped relationship markets of jail babes and golden girls. No one else is brave enough to admit to a dysfunctional relationship with his computer, dole out questionable marital advice, and whine about how he was misled by the love songs of his youth.

As outlandish as these topics sound, Marshall still manages to bring them around to pertinent spiritual insights at the culmination of each column. Although the reader will have no idea where the writer is headed, it is a ride they will definitely enjoy!

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Life’s everyday funnies and foibles have proven to be fertile ground for many of today’s comedians. Taking those trials and tribula­tions and injecting them with God’s love and faithful­ness elevates com­edy into a ministry with which author and comedian Marshall is well-acquainted. In his first book, I’m Not Crazy, But I Might Be a Carrier, he uses his trade as a tool to inspire readers to a closer and more joy­ful walk with God.

Marshall is the classic Everyman. He showcases his quick and dry humor by telling everyday stories about almost anything imaginable, including gall bladder surgery, home remodeling and even the dysfunctional relationships be­tween computers and their users.

At the end of each chapter, he shares a simple and straightforward mini devo­tion. These devotions tie perfectly into the humorous stories they are used to color and enhance.

Traveling the country, Marshall logs more than 100,000 miles a year as a stand-up comedian. His focus on keep­ing a crowd’s attention has paid off, be­cause I’m Not Crazy will hold the atten­tion of many a reader.

—Julie Daniel
Christian Retailing